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Our projects had carried out in 5 different countries



Company works on the aquaculture market since 2010 year



of fish breeding enterprises of various difficulty levels



had got equipment, design project, consulting

Consulting since 2010

Since 2010, we have designed 15 fish breeding enterprises of various difficulty levels. We have developed facilities for global aquaculture, as well as for Russia and abroad (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia).

Simeon AquaBioTechnologies is a team of professionals. We successfully implement projects of aquaculture farms of any complexity.

Simeon AquaBioTechnologies company was established in 2010, as a result of successful cooperation of experienced water supply system design engineers from the Simeon group of companies and world-famous ichthyologists from the Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In the process of the team’s work, together with European partners, we developed our own recycling water purification technology in the RAS, which became the basis of our design regulations. Starting with the implementation of small systems, the company has been actively developing, accumulating experience and knowledge. From 2013 to 2015, we implemented the first full-fledged complex for the commercial cultivation and reproduction of sturgeon, which is considered to be unique in its region. Further, larger objects followed: The sturgeon cultivation plant, with a productivity of 250 t / g for fish and 1.5 t / g for caviar; Plant for reproduction and production of 11 million per year sturgeon fry.  Since 2016, we have initiated R&D to develop our own products for aquaculture. With the support of the Innovation Promotion Fund, a device has been developed for the combined cultivation of fish and fodder aquaculture facilities (Patent RU 184 224).  Since 2017, the director is Dmitry Yakovlev - an expert in aquaculture, a developer of technological projects at Simeon AquaBioTechnologies. During this period, the company entered the international level, carrying out projects abroad.

  • Fish farms design
  • Supply equipment
  • Aquaculture engineering support

Our completed projects are the company's greatest value! To do this, we accompany the client at all stages of the project life cycle. Even at the end of the contract, after the successful launch of the plant, we monitor and analyze the work of the created enterprise, give important recommendations, and help in difficult situations.

our services

what we do

RAS fish farming design

Turn-key RAS

  • Design the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems
  • Cooperation with local builder
  • Equip the Recirculating Aquaculture Systems.
  • Installation supervision
  • Commissioning a project
  • Support your staff in farm exploating.

Fish farm engineering



  • RAS
  • Semi-RAS
  • Flow-through land-based
  • Cages
  • Ponds
  • Preliminary study
  • Concept design
  • Design development

Equipment for fish farming

Aquaculture equipment supply

  • Special eqipment for water treatment in the RAS
  • Hatching equipment
  • Pond equipment
  • Cages
  • Accessories

Fish farms expertise

Aquaculture farms Expertise

  • Aquaculture engineer. Remote consulting
  • Fishery biologist. Remote consulting
  • Starting a biofilter management
  • Project expertise


Our projects


2013 year

1. African catfish RAS plant 120 t/y.

Feasibility study; design development

Russia, Krasnodar region

2. RAS for 2 t of sturgeon broodstock. Design development; equipment supply

Russia, Tumen region

3. RAS for 500 t/y of sturgeon and 3 t/y of caviar.
Preliminary study

Russia, Tumen region

4. RAS for 2 t of sturgeon.

Russia, Krasnodar region

2014 Year

5. R&D module for sturgeon


Russia, Rostov region

6. RAS for 5 t/y of sturgeon

Russia, Saratov region

7. RAS for 7,5 t/y of sturgeon

Russia, Saratov region

2015 year

8. RAS for 80 000 sturgeon fingerlings per year

Russia, Saratov region

9. RAS for 100 t/y of trout
Design development; equipment supply

Transbaikal region

2017 year

10. RAS for 250 t/y of sturgeon and 1,5 t/y of caviar
Design development

Chelyabinsk region

2018 year

11. RAS for 220 000 sturgeon fingerlings per year
Design development

Russia, Perm region

12. RAS for 11 mln sturgeon fingerlings per year
Design development

Russia, Tumen region

13. RAS for 8 t of leech broodstock

Russia, Stavrapol region

2019 year

14. Aquaculture center
(African catfish 100 t/y and 2 mln fingerlongs per year; tilapia 100 t/y and 3 mln fingerlongs per year)

Design development

Ethiopia, Bahir Dar

15. RAS for 30 t/y of sturgeon
Concept design

Russia, Leningrad region

Work process

Step by step

Step 1. Request

Send us your needs or describe your task

Step 2. Evaluation

Our experts will evaluate your case and will prepare for you a best price quotation 

Step 3. implementation
We sign a contract and carry out it strictly on schedule
Step 4. Putting in operation
We commissioning a project and keep supporting your staff in farm exploating

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